• Aoraki/Mt Cook’s Stunning Scenery

Aoraki/Mt Cook’s Stunning Scenery

July 8, 2021

There are not many places around the world that are as majestic as Aoraki/Mt Cook. The shire look of the National Park that is featuring Aotearoa’s highest mountain is breath taking. But to truly experience the beauty and natural wonder of the maunga (mountain), you need to fully immerse yourself in it. Build moumouranga (a connection) with the place and its history. Learn more about it and encountering all its different faces.

One-Day Adventures

You can’t do anything wrong when you book the Aoraki/Mt Cook Ultimate experience. Be swept up in the sky by one of our expert helicopter pilots and discover the National Park from above. Circle Aotearoa’s highest mountain peak and experience a snow landing on the Haupapa/Tasman Glacier. Be mesmerized by the hanging glaciers, blue ice, motu huka (icebergs) and catch views across the whole South Island from the east to the west coastline. You will be able to truly see and get a feel for the magnitude of Aoraki and the natural beauty it offers.

If you are less interested in catching scenic views and are looking for more of an adrenaline rush, skydiving should be on top of your list. Starting off with a 10-minute scenic flight to get you up to your chosen hight, you’re then up to throw yourself out of a plane (with a professional tandem master of course). Experience a free fall that can last up to 65 seconds and enjoy the fresh air around you. You will have excellent views of Aoraki and an experience you won’t forget.


If you prefer staying closer to the ground, a glacier kayaking tour will be perfect. At over 750 metres above sea level, you can become part of the environment. Paddle beneath towering, glaciated mountains and view the majestic glaciers and summit of the mighty Aoraki Mount Cook. This trip provides a unique opportunity to meet icebergs face to face. View the glacier terminal face from a safe distance and explore the Tasman Lake with plenty of time to take it all in! There may be opportunities to beach the kayaks and explore some shoreline areas.

For a change of perspective, discover Aoraki National Park at night. It gives you the opportunity to stargaze in the world’s largest gold tier dark reserve. The experienced guides will introduce you to the beautiful southern night sky. Use the naked eye, astro-binoculars, and state of the art 14″ and 11″ astronomy telescopes for your gazing experience. Unleash your imagination as you discover our neighbourhood in the Universe and see the night sky in detail with our high-powered telescopes!

Multi-Day Adventures

Combine your hobby with a holiday and book yourself into the 4-day long Landscape Photography Masterclass. Expand your landscape photography skills and learn how to shoot a range of subject matters, all based around the picturesque scenery of Aoraki. This will also get the chance to learn more about aerial photography when on the scenic ski-plane tour. Experience the National Park up close and take home your best memories, captured in your photos.

This one should be on every avid hiker’s bucket list, the Aoraki Mt Cook Trek. Trek through amazing alpine terrain, surrounded by New Zealand’s highest peaks and longest glaciers. Enjoy a night in the private Caroline Hut. Savouring the fabulous views of the 2000m high Caroline Face of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest ice face. Relax in its wonderful setting on the Ball Ridge, high above the Tasman Glacier. Be awed by the ice avalanches rumbling down Mount Cook. Sunsets in this high alpine environment can be incredible! But if you are more of a Sunday hiker or are a little bit shorter on time, the Hooker Valley Track or Kea Point walk both offer amazing views and delightful outlooks but on a much smaller scale hike.

One of Aotearoa’s most iconic Mountain Biking tracks must be the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail. You can either start your cycle adventure from the base of Aoraki or pedal your way towards the National Park. Cruise along stunning mountain scenery, past white caps and maybe even through fresh snow in winter. Your calves will be able to tell you how steep the region really is.

No matter which adventure you are choosing for your next Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park visit, we are certain that you’ll have a splendid time. Come across stunning landscape and magnificent look out points that you will remember forever.