• Care for the Environment

Care for the Environment

Southern Lakes Helicopters are strongly committed to the protection of our unique environment and are responsible in the use of natural resources. Sustainability is an integral element of everything we do. Working in a sustainable manner is an ongoing journey, that will improve with time and experience. We are proud to work together with DoC, Antarctica New Zealand and NIWA supporting scientific research and combining our effort to protect and look after the environments of New Zealand, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica.



Care for the Environment

Te Anau Jetty


Meaning guardianship, care and protection. It provides a basis for our approach to sustainably managing our natural, cultural and built environment for current and future generations.

Which implies a reciprocal responsibility upon a host, and an invitation to a client or visitor to experience the very best we have to offer.


As an official member of Tourism Industry Aotearoa we are excited to have joined in the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment, which strives to see every NZ tourism business committed to sustainability by 2025.


We also adhere to the Tiaki Promise, which is a commitment to care for New Zealand for now and for future generations. By following the Tiaki Promise, we are committed to New Zealand. To act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.


We strive to maintain green practices in our everyday operations through the little things, such as using energy sources in an efficient manner, reducing our waste with recycling, digital vs paper, eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as protecting sensitive and native vegetation and wildlife when considering flight paths and landing zone.