• Safety


All company operations are done in accordance with the company Safety Management System approved by the CAA, where we require all staff to represent a strong safety culture. Our team at Southern Lakes Helicopters participate and contribute towards risk and hazard management, learning opportunities and maintain best practice.

We are Aircare Approved

Aircare is an independent quality and safety assessment of our company to ensure the highest standards are met in all day-to-day operations.

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AIRCARE™ Explained

‘Improves safety, simplifies compliance, guarantees performance, and builds customer loyalty’.

AIRCARE™ Benefits to Accredited Operators

  • Safety is enhanced (aircraft accident rates 32% better than for non-accredited operators)
  • Compliance requirements are not overlooked
  • Enhanced support from staff and their families who appreciate the extra layers of safety
  • Provides customers with transparent systems and lower risk operations
  • Customers know best practice is being followed and that their environmental expectations are being met
  • Less auditing for customers as a means of meeting their quality and safety requirements
  • CAA’s SMS requirements met
  • HSW’s requirements met
  • The knowledge that the company is making a major contribution to the sustainability of the industry as a whole


An independent audit to ensure compliance and an ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our pilots, patients, and crew to NASO -National Ambulance Sector Office.

Pilots and crew

Employing the best to fly in Fiordland.  We handpick our pilots based on their sound judgment, decision making, extensive knowledge of Fiordland, and a diversity of skills which is equally as important as being an experienced and capable pilot. This is important to us for the safety of our daily operations and search and rescue taskings. We are committed to maintaining a strong relationship with St John Paramedics, the Fiordland Medical Centre PRIME response, and local Search and Rescue personnel.