• Heli-Hikes: Best of Both Worlds

    Why heli-hikes are really the best of both worlds

Heli-Hikes: Best of Both Worlds

January 31, 2019

For years, the popularity of heli-hikes as a bucket list experience has grown and it’s pretty obvious why.

You get flown around by a highly-skilled, rather handsome pilot on a scenic helicopter tour over untouched wilderness and jaw-dropping landscapes. And after a most comfortable landing, you arrive in what looks like heaven on earth – a place that you get to explore and hike at your own pace to breathe in the fresh air, smell the flowers, and let your feet wander without much purpose other than to take in the pleasure of it all.

New Zealand is one of the most isolated countries on earth and there’s no better way to discover the land of the long white cloud than a heli-hike experience. This rings even more true if you make your way to Fiordland – because so much of this remote natural wonderland is not accessible by car or by foot – with some locations challenging even the fittest of the bunch.

From the skies above to the land below, here’s why heli-hikes really offer the best of both worlds:

Turn a scenic flight into a full day experience

Scenic flights are a bucket list must-do for most – the views and vistas are truly unforgettable. But what if you could actually explore that wilderness you see, touch the alpine flowers and feel that mountain breeze against your skin?

By choosing a heli-hike, you can make the most of your time exploring Fiordland and extend your flight into a full day experience. There’s plenty to see from skies but trust us, it’s just as beautiful up close and personal on land.


Heli-hikes are family friendly

We know how hard it can be to explore and adventure with little people. But luckily our heli-hikes are super family friendly and is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Our heli-hike option takes the uphill climb out of the picture, so you simply land at Luxmore Hut and then enjoy an easy going and downhill descent along a well-formed track. Or if you want more of a challenge, there’s an additional option to ascend up to the Summit Track from Luxmore Hut before heading back down. Whichever you option choose, it’s a win-win really.

Combine air + land + lake with our complete Fiordland Heli-Hike package

With a complete Fiordland Heli-Hike package, we give you the wings to fly as well as legs to walk the land and cruise the lakes. Your day with us looks a bit like this:

Start: Take off on your scenic flight into the Kepler Mountain Range. We make a landing at a mountain tarn so you can enjoy the vista and ruggedness of the Main Divide. Once airborne again it is a short flight back to Luxmore Hut for your walk on the Kepler Track.

Option 1 for hike: The well-formed track winds through native beech forest and is downhill to Brod Bay, onto the shores of Lake Te Anau

Option 2 for hike: Ascend to Summit Track before descending onto the shores of Lake Te Anau

Finish: Boat cruise along Lake Te Anau back to town centre.


Minimum: 2 passengers

Cost: $270 per person (incl. GST)

Landings: 2

Duration of helicopter flight: 25 minutes

Duration of hike Option 1: 2.5-3 hours

Duration of hike Option 2: 5 hours for additional Summit Track

Once you’ve experienced your first heli-hike, you’ll likely be planning your next. There’s no experience quite like it. You can read more about our Fiordland Heli-Hike package (and tips on what to wear and bring) here.