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Fiordland’s Aerial Photography

September 25, 2018

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Area, the natural wonders of Fiordland are out of this world spectacular. But are the views better when you’ve got wings? Here’s a few of our favourite Fiordland imagery captured from up above so you can be the judge.


Doubtful Sound in Fiordland 

Deep in the heart of Fiordland, Doubtful Sound, also fittingly known as the Sound of Silence, is captured by NZ photographer Talman Madsen.

Doubtful Sound is a natural wonderland full of waterfalls, mountains, and rainforests, as well as seals and fiordland crested penguins (aka tawakis in Te Reo Māori). Tawakis are endemic to New Zealand and are one of NZ’s rarest mainland penguins. If you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of these beautiful cultures, make sure you don’t disturb them and admire them from afar. Our native tawakis are very timid and are an endangered species.

You can book a scenic flight with our crew at Southern Lakes Helicopters, with a stunning detour to Campbell’s Kingdom. A hanging valley in Doubtful, Campbell’s Kingdom is Milford’s lesser known – but some would say more spectacular – little sister.


Aurora Australis over Lake Manapouri

The Southern Lights play hide and seek above Lake Manapouri. Photographed by Southern Lakes Helicopter.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we stargazers chase the Southern Lights, our very own Aurora Australis – lesser known than Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights but quite possibly even more spectacular. The Southern Lights are best viewed between March – September during our winter months. Fiordland is often seen as a good place to catch an Aurora because it’s so close to the South Pole. So if you find yourself on a mountain top in Fiordland, on a moonless winter’s night with dark clear skies and a geomagnetic storm brewing, make sure you take advantage of the perfect conditions to seek out the majestic Southern Lights.


Wild Natives River, Fiordland National park

The Wild Natives River in Fiordland National park, carving its own path into the wild. Photographed by Talman Madsen.

So much of Fiordland is impossible to reach by foot – scenic helicopter tours allow us access to the most incredible, untouched places. Wild Natives River in Fiordland stretches out to the sea and is surrounded by high mountains, deep into the wild with the most primeval landscape. Go on, we know you can’t help but stare, awestruck.


Mountain range, Fiordland National Park

Standing tall above the clouds, Fiordland National Park. Photographed by NZ HeliKing.

Breathe in that fresh mountain air, above the clouds and the jagged mountain tops – these peaks are usually covered in snow in the middle of winter. Which means that with the snow melting, spring is here and summer’s just around the corner.


Milford Sound mountain tops

Golden light navigate the deep dark valleys of Milford Sound. Photographed by William Patino Photography.

Last light in Fiordland – Milford Sound is tucked away amongst the giants of the southern alps. When you’ve got wings, you can fly high and catch the last rays of light. See how they dance for you and weave their magic in between the peaks. Like liquid gold flowing down the valleys.