• What to expect on a Milford Sound flight

    What to Expect on a Milford Sound Flight

What to expect on a Milford Sound flight

October 31, 2019

A scenic helicopter flight takes flying to a whole different level. A fully sensorial experience that’s definitely one to tick off the bucket list.

Once airborne, it’s like your eyes see everything in a new light. The tops of the trees, the middle of cascading waterfalls -a not so ordinary perspective of the majestic natural world.

It’s different up there – humbling in a way when you see how everything looks so small from above, yet you can’t help but feel even smaller in the scheme of things. Massive glacier lakes look like puddles from certain heights, yet the vastness and beauty of Fiordland rolls on, opening up to you at every turn.

For first timers wondering what to expect and how best to prepare, here are a few things to expect on a Milford Sound Flight.

It’s nothing like a plane ride

Even after all those action films you’ve seen, there’s really nothing like your first scenic helicopter flight. The sights, the sounds, the power generated from the rotor blades – it’s an adventure that’s both peaceful yet exhilarating, calming yet exciting as the grandeur of this UNESCO World Heritage area opens up to you.

A scenic flight isn’t about getting from point A to B, it’s beautiful and exhilarating all on its own. Soaring up high above the ground, in between and up close to nature’s wonders like you’ve never been before, this is a once in a lifetime experience that goes beyond your wildest imagination.

With a limited number of passengers on board, a scenic flight to Milford Sound puts the magic of Fiordland on centre stage and is truly a Fiordland must-do.

Scenic helicopter flight with Southern Lakes Helicopters

Scenic helicopter flights are an exhilarating and beautiful way to see the world

Seating is allocated

In order to manage and balance the weight on your flight, your seating will be allocated by our pilots. They are experts in the field and can best decide who sits where. We do our best to rotate seating after each landing so there’s ample opportunity to take in all the views.

Bring the bare essentials

Unlike commercial planes, there are no overhead compartments to store your belongings or flight attendants to serve beverages. Knowing this, it would be wise to bring just the bare essentials. Your phone, camera, a water bottle, sun hat and small backpack or purse with your personal effects.

Appropriate flight attire

Dress to the conditions so it’s best to wear sturdy shoes, pants, and a light jacket. Layer up to keep warm since it’s a bit colder up in the mountains and at our landing locations, but it’s always nice and warm inside the helicopter. There’s also a bit of wind involved so it pays to have a hair tie handy.

The landings are spectacular (with bonus options to really consider)

This is the New Zealand you’ve came to see. Hanging valleys and glacier carved lakes, you’ll be able to see things from an incredible perspective and take in the serenity and solitude of remote landings with nothing but astounding beauty everywhere you look.

Scenic helicopter flights in the mountains with Southern Lakes Helicopters

Explore valleys, mountains lakes and glaciers with scenic landings

No two landings ever feel the same and taking off gets even more exciting each time – because it’s just impossible to ever tire of the views from the skies.

Our Milford Sound scenic flight also offer add-ons for a gourmet picnic and a hike for extra time to savour in the scenery and explore.