• Five reasons to take a scenic flight in Fiordland

    Five reasons to take a scenic flight in Fiordland

Five reasons to take a scenic flight in Fiordland

March 26, 2018

There is no denying it. The world looks amazing from above. Soaking up Fiordland’s grand landscapes from above is a brilliant way to get a whole new perspective. Here are top reasons why you should be taking a scenic flight in Fiordland.

Reach tucked away corners

Some of the Fiordland’s most spectacular landscapes are also very remote, making overland travel tricky at best or impossible at times, depending on season. This means that scenic flights are a perfect way to get to the parts of Fiordland that other people just don’t reach. You can land in remote spots like Mount Kidd or Campbell’s Kingdom in Doubtful Sound and be the only one there at that moment in time.

Equally, if you’re physically unable to make your way to some of these spectacular spots on foot, a scenic flight means anything is possible.

scenic flight in Fiordland

Because some of the Fiordland’s most spectacular landscapes are very remote a scenic flight is the best way to see this world heritage destination – and a great way to save time in a busy itinerary. 

Perfect for short trips

Limited on time with your itinerary? A scenic flight in Fiordland is a great way to beat this. You can still experience walking greats like the Kepler Track within a day with a heli-hike. In a matter of hours you can see all that makes Fiordland so special – from cascading waterfalls to fiords and high peaks.

No hassle travel

No traffic. No rentals to organise. No car parking. A scenic flight makes getting from one point to the next easy. You can focus on the more important things like the journey – flying over Fiordland is an experience that will remain with you long after your feet hit the tarmac.

Amazing photo opportunities

What’s prettier on ground is even better from the skies. Scenic flights show you the grandeur of Fiordland’s landscapes from the top – the best seat in the house! – and give you an opportunity to capture them through a lens.


Lake Quill is a lake that is suspended in a high alpine valley above Milford Sound. Remote doesn’t even begin to describe it! But the helicopter makes it only a short journey to reach. 

It’s majestic and huge!

When mountain ranges stretch literally as far as the eye can see, you can’t help but be left in complete and utter awe. Fiordland National Park does size on a sheer and dramatic scale. Not to mention the majestic beauty of the native forests, glacial valleys and waterfalls. Seen from above, you’ll have a real appreciation for how epic – and incredibly remote – this environment is.