Mountain Magic

Our Mountain Magic flight gives you a special 'taste of the real remote Fiordland'.  Depart from our helicopter pad on the Te Anau lakefront and enjoy this unique helicopter experience.

Hidden wonders of Fiordland unfold during your scenic helicopter flight with this taste of the 'real' remote mountains.

Crossing over the Main Divide with its ever-changing scenery of beech forest, mountain slopes, alpine lakes, waterfalls, hanging valleys and snow clad mountain tops, you will be amazed by this vast and magical area of Southern New Zealand.

A high alpine landing is made on Mt Kidd, a remote picturesque area for you to experience the spectacular vista of Fiordland scenery.

Mt Kidd
Mt Kidd

Trip Duration: 

40 mins Price is per person

Key Points: 

High alpine landing at Mt Kidd, fantastic mountain views, remote Fiordland


NZ $420.00